Firefox Trains - List of public APIs and pages

Public Json API

All APIs are under the api/ endpoint.


api/nightly/?date=20240717 Provides the list of nightly build IDs for a day and the changeset they were built from (data from buildhub)
api/external/ Gives the list of external APIs this site depends on to build data.
api/nightly/crashes/?buildid=20190927094817 Gives the crashes for a buildID (data from Socorro)
api/release/schedule/?version=beta Gives the forecast release 4 week scheduled milestones for an upcoming major version. Can be a version number or one of the beta or nightly keywords.
api/release/owners/ Historical list of all release managers for Firefox major releases
api/release/duty/ Historical list of all release engineers on release duty for the cycle
api/esr/releases/ Release dates for all ESR releases (including dot releases)
api/firefox/releases/ Release dates for all past Firefox releases (including dot releases)


/ Homepage with a simple overview of the releases in flight
about Get the list of views and public JSON API endpoints
beta Get the state of what was uplifted in the current beta cycle
calendar Overview of our upcoming releases
calendar/monthly/ General calendar view of milestones for upcoming releases
Provides the list of nightly buildIDs for a day: crashes, changelog, bugs fixed
Provides historical data for past releases and basic release date information for future releases.
The nightly, beta, release and esr values are aliases to the current real version numbers.
The esr view is mostly a schedule of incoming releases and indicates when a new ESR branch happens in the year.
release/owners/ List all past releases per release owner
calendar/release/schedule/?version=129 Download an icalendar (.ics) file of future milestones for a future release.


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